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5th Dimension Boutique



The 5th Dimension Boutique

A Sydney-based fashion retailer showcasing the best of Australian fashion with a strong e-commerce foothold.

E-commerce brands rely on the interaction their website has with their customers and the ease of which users are able to view and purchase products.

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The 5th Dimension Boutique wanted to develop a custom Shopify website that better suited the increased importance that e-commerce played in their business.

We created a premium, editorial style website that targeted the customer audience that shopped at The 5th Dimension. Through this, we were able to increase the purchase value of shopping carts, the average number of items purchased and encourage return customers.

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We can’t recommend Social Loop enough! The team completely reinvented our e-commerce site in a matter of days. They shared our vision for a functional, practical and aesthetic website that draws people in and keeps them engaged. It’s exactly what we envisioned when we set up that first meeting. Their enthusiasm and communication skills made the process seamless, so if you need a team to get the job done - properly and quickly - these are your guys! Hooked!
Stela Todorovic (Owner)
5th Dimension Boutique

Our approach

Our understanding of the project and the importance of the website for the business governed our research and development phase of the project. We sought to create an intuitive and easy-to-browse site that was sales-focused. This led us to use clear typographic hierarchy, custom interactions, and a flowing UX to encourage more sales. The timeline of the project was of extreme importance and to ensure this, our workflow was extremely collaborative with The 5th Dimension team.
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Graphic Design

We created graphic designs that WOW’d audiences, encouraging greater interaction with the brand.

Web Design

We designed and delivered a website solution with custom interactions and illustrations to create an engaging digital experience.

Social Media Shop Integrations

We integrated the brands products with their social media channel shops to facilitate more sales.


We developed copy that fits the brand guidelines and that was relatable to better interact with audiences across all digital channels.
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