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Bondi Bloom

A US based, CBD and beauty brand specialising in high quality wellness products.

Strong brand presence across all marketing channels is required in saturated markets. Developing a unique visual identity in the health and beauty industry is what creates global brands.

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Bondi Bloom were looking to build a strong brand identity and then to develop a strategy to put their products to market. We undertook a series of research and collaboration sessions to better understand how we could build and grow the brand.

Through development of the brand voice, we created copy to be utilised across the website and social media channels. Following a phase of content creation and design work, we successfully built and grew the Bondi Bloom social media channels.

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Bondi Bloom

Our approach

We began by developing a social strategy and then creating engaging content that was in line with their current branding guidelines. This positioned Bondi Bloom as an industry educator and elevated their business growth. Our ongoing development and research into the constantly evolving industry allowed us to gain an edge over competitors.
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Content Creation

We created content that reflected the core pillars of the brand to engage with the target audience.

Community Engagement

We engaged with communities on various social media platforms to better understand and interact with our clients customers.

Brand Strategy

We produced a unique brand strategy to allow the business to grow and become a market leader in the industry.


We developed copy that fits the brand guidelines and that was relatable to better interact with audiences across all digital channels.
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